Specialized home loans and down-payment assistance

Last updated: April 28, 2023

Not sure if you can afford your own home? Those with an annual household income of up to $145,000 may qualify for specialized home loans, down-payment assistance, and more through the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

The Housing Finance Commission is a self-supporting state agency, dedicated to increasing housing access and affordability for the people of Washington. Their programming covers:

  • Homebuyer education
  • Specialized home loans
  • Down-payment assistance
  • Energy incentives

To get started, visit their Here to Home website to find a lender and register for a Homebuyer Education Seminar. This free, five-hour class is offered by local partners throughout the state and covers everything home buyers need to know about purchasing a home—including budgeting, credit issues, and more. It also includes information about the Commission’s mortgage programs and down-payment assistance.