Family support through WA EAP

Last updated: August 31, 2023

To help you make time for what matters most, your employee assistance program provides online access to a wide range of resources regarding the work and life topics of interest to you and your family — all available on one website. When logging in, use “UW” as the organization code and navigate through articles, links, interactive content, webinars, a discount savings center, self-searches, self-assessment and more.

Features available

  • Thousands of regularly updated resources on a wide array of work-life topics
  • Downloadable articles and tip sheets
  • Self-search provider databases for summer camps, education resources, pet sitters, attorneys, financial advisors, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • Fillable legal forms
  • Financial and daily living calculators
  • Savings Center providing 25 to 70 percent discounts on name-brand merchandise
  • Spanish-language content
  • A Skill Builder Center featuring interactive e-learning “classes” on a variety of caregiving, workplace and personal development
  • A library of on-demand webinars on topics including lifelong learning, financial fitness, and retirement

What is addressed?

  • Parenting: adoption, childcare, development, kids’ well-being, education
  • Aging: aging well, planning the future, homecare, grief and loss, housing
  • Balancing: personal growth, communication, relationships, mental health, addiction
  • Thriving: health tools, healthy eating, medical care, age-related information
  • Working: employee and manager tools, career development, transitions, training and development, diversity, productivity, safety
  • Living: consumer issues, home buying/selling, financial, legal, safety, pets, travel, fraud and theft
  • International: immigration, relocation, living abroad, family abroad, repatriation

How the service works

Navigate to the WA EAP Worklife portal and enter your agency code. Spanish content available by using the top left “Choose Language” menu. Explore content areas by using the drop down menus near the top of the page, or use the orange “centers” in the middle of the page to access “News for You” resources on current events, “Locate Providers” for self-search databases, “eLearning” and “Online Seminars” to access free trainings, “Legal/Financial” to find hundreds of do-it-yourself resources, “Care Family” to find support for seniors, and “Savings Center” for access to a discount shopping program.

Perks at Work savings center

The Perks at Work savings Center is a discount shopping program that is provided through the Perks At Work website. It offers discounts of up to 25% on name brand, practical, and luxury items. If you are already a registered user, you can log in to the Savings Center from the link below. (New users will first need to click on “Register for Free” to create a profile.)

First time users will need to register using the company name of “Workplace Options US” and the company code “EAP” in order to access the savings center. New users can register here.