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Last updated: October 16, 2023

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Panel recordings

Get to know the WA EAP: For employees and their families
Watch this recording of the July 12, 2023 presentation to UW employees and their family members about the new employee assistance program, WA EAP.

UW resources for new and expecting parents
Watch the recording from WorkLife’s recent panel to better understand your options when it comes to leave time, updating your benefits selections, childcare options and lactation support resources.

Connecting across identities: Communicating respectfully with people across all gender expressions
Watch the recording from WorkLife’s virtual panel exploring the importance of using accurate, authentic and inclusive language when communicating with and about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Welcoming neurodiverse colleagues to your workgroup
Watch the recording from WorkLife’s panel on discovering strategies for creating a more inclusive workplace culture and authentically engaging new neurodiverse colleagues.


Catching up with UW WorkLife
Focused on employee well-being and housed in the newly created Employee Experience division of Human Resources, UW WorkLife offers programming and resources to help UW employees thrive.

Learn and engage this Disability Pride Month
Disability Pride Month is celebrated every July to mark the passing of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, landmark legislation that broke down barriers to inclusion in society.

Support, educate or advocate this Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental health awareness month offers the opportunity to refocus on self-care, acknowledge the importance of mental health and honor the courage of millions of people living with mental health conditions.

Planning for your child’s summer: UW programs, employee discounts and more
Now is the time to start planning for your child’s summer activities—check out these UW programs, area day camps, discounts for UW employees and more.

Communicating respectfully with people of all gender expressions
To create a more equitable and respectful society, we should aspire toward inclusive language use; to do so, we need to first understand what inclusive language is and is not.

Establishing healthy family eating habits
Check out these tips for establishing healthy eating habits and encouraging quality together time during mealtime with family therapist and eating specialist Ellyn Sattler.

Inclusive strategies for welcoming neurodiverse team members
Authentically engaging new colleagues—whether they are out as neurodiverse or not—goes a long way toward creating a more inclusive, whole person workplace.

A bad day every day: Strategies for addressing burnout
Some people call it quiet quitting. But genuine burnout leads to an inability to successfully function on a personal, social or professional level. It squashes motivation, increases feelings of depression and can lead to physical illness and chronic stress.

The case for lactation-friendly workplaces
Human milk is recognized as the optimal infant feeding method for at least the first 12 months of life to promote the health of both the lactating parent and the child.