Legal services

Last updated: June 30, 2023

If your life or the life of a family member has been impacted by a legal issue, you may need the expert counsel of an attorney. The Washington state employee assistance program can help with free legal advice from a qualified attorney. Online support is also available with legal forms, a library of legal articles, and even a simple will. Call or visit us online to get the legal answers you need.

Available features

  • Free telephonic legal advice from a general practice attorney
  • Referral for a free 30-minute consultation with a local attorney with the appropriate expertise. In most cases, discounted services are available if you need additional legal support.
  • Library of do-it-yourself legal forms, including basic wills, and hundreds of legal articles and tip sheets

What is covered

  • Covered issues: family law, real estate/landlord issues, bankruptcy, adoption, criminal, elder care, wills/trusts/estate planning, consumer issues.
  • Excluded issues: employment as it relates to employees and family members, one’s own business, class action lawsuits, taxes.

How the service works

Contact the service by calling 1-888-728-1408 anytime. A legal consultant will talk with you about your situation, determine which legal resources will best meet your needs and offer to connect you with free legal advice by phone from a general practice attorney licensed in Washington State (or other state as needed); or find a local attorney in our referral network with the appropriate expertise who will provide you with a free 30-minute consultation.

For referral to a local attorney, the consultant will make every effort to find a conveniently located attorney and within 12 business hours will email you a referral to the nearest available qualified attorney. Over the next few days, you may then call the attorney directly to set up your appointment. Note that attorneys in our referral network operate independently and determine which cases they will take, as well as whether they will provide an initial consultation by phone or in person.

If you need additional help or representation beyond the free 30-minute consultation, you are welcome to engage an in-person attorney who will offer (in most instances) a discount of 25% on their hourly fee or a 10% discount on the flat fee. (Note: During this initial consultation, the attorney cannot review or amend documents.)

Additionally, the WA state EAP web portal provides 24/7 access to a wealth of educational resources and tools, including nearly 100 simple, do-it-yourself legal forms, a library with hundreds of articles and Q&A responses on a wide variety of family and consumer legal topics, and a basic online will-maker. To access the web portal, use “UW” as the organization code.

Follow-up from a legal services consultant

Within a week of receiving your referral, you will be contacted by a legal services consultant. This is an opportunity for us to be sure that the service has met your needs; however, you may email at any time for clarification or further assistance.