Total Talent Management

Total Talent Management joins forces to better serve the University’s needs

As part of a strategic realignment effective December 1, 2017, a number of functional units in UWHR have been grouped into Total Talent Management. This new unit is led by Professional & Organizational Development Executive Director Ujima Donalson and includes POD as well as recruiting and staffing units, each of which will continue operating intact.

This change aligns key units with UWHR and reflects an integrated talent management framework that includes acquisition, onboarding, development, and retention, strengthening UWHR’s ability to support managers in their work to hire, support, and develop employees.

Michael Campbell remains as assistant director of recruitment and staffing and Heather Harvey as manager of UTemps Staffing. As recharge centers, Professional & Organizational Development and UTemps will continue to operate as distinct businesses. “However,” according to Donalson, “I expect that, over time, our heightened interconnectedness with other units in UWHR will spark innovations with the learning and development opportunities we provide and allow us to leverage skills and expertise across Total Talent Management.”