Total Talent Management

Required employee training

All UW employees — except for UW Medicine employees — are required to attend these training sessions. UW Medicine employees receive all required trainings elsewhere and are not required to complete the trainings below.

Addressing Discrimination & Harassment (ADH)

All newly hired employees are required to attend a session on addressing discrimination and harassment. This session helps employees identify situations of perceived discrimination and sexual harassment, resolve the situation, and understand applicable law.

Most newly hired benefits-eligible employees at the Seattle campus (excepting medical centers) are required to attend Welcome Day, which includes a session on Addressing Discrimination & Harassment (formerly Prevention of Sexual Harassment).

Current non-new employees and new employees who are not otherwise required to attend Welcome Day may register for just the ADH portion of Welcome Day in order to meet the requirement.

Violence prevention and response

This 90-minute training workshop, facilitated by SafeCampus, teaches employees how to recognize concerning behaviors, respond, and prevent violence in the workplace. To register for Violence Prevention and Response training, visit the SafeCampus website.

Reporting suspected child abuse

Employees will learn about their mandated reporting responsibilities by watching the 21-minute online training, Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect, developed by the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support. To successfully complete the training, employees must correctly answer a series of quiz questions.

Asbestos awareness

The Environmental Health and Safety office offers online asbestos awareness training, which takes about 15 minutes to complete.