Total Talent Management

Background checks: Costs and billing

UW conducts a suite of criminal conviction background checks on the selected candidate for employment or volunteer placement at the UW. The employing unit is responsible for paying background check charges. Your employment specialist can answer questions about the process and fees.

One set of checks is run for candidates that have consistently resided and worked in Washington for more than the established time threshold, and an expanded set of checks is run for candidates that have resided and worked in Washington for less than the established time threshold.


Service Resided in WA Longer Than Threshold Resided in WA Less Than Threshold
A-Check Global Easy App Charge $1.00 $1.00
Social Security Trace $2.70 $2.70
Nationwide Federal Criminal Search $10.80 $10.80
National Criminal Data Base Check $5.40
National Sex Offender Check $4.05 $4.05
Average total for A-Check $18.55 $23.95
Washington State Patrol Check (WA Convictions) $12.00 $12.00
Total $30.55 $35.95

The average additional charges for the criminal conviction background check outside of Washington depend on the number of locations in which a person has resided.

Billing information for ProCard holders

Completed A-Check background checks are charged to the ProCard on the Monday or Tuesday of the week after the check is completed. The ProCard holder will receive two emails related to the A-Check charge.

The first email is a notification of the charge. It will come from “” The subject line will be “Visa/Mastercard Charge Confirmation.”

The body of the first email will display: “Authorized payment transaction of $XX.XX has been received by A-Check America, Inc. on (date) for Invoice XX-XXXXX from your credit card ending with XXXX. Your electronic payment reference number is XXXXXXXXX.”

The second email will include the invoice for reconciliation and will come from “” with the subject line “Invoice Notification: THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Department Name).”

The body of the second email will display: “Dear THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Department Name) (To: ProCard holder’s email).

Please review and retain for your records the attached invoice(s). The following authorized payment transaction(s) has/have been received from your account on file:

Trans Date Reference No Acct No Trans Desc Amount

Attached to the email will be a detailed invoice that includes:

  • Invoice date and number
  • Date of the charge(s)
  • Names of hire(s) on whom the background check(s) were run
  • Services Ordered (types of checks run) on each name
  • A-Check file number for each name
  • Amount charged for each name
  • Total for the invoice