Total Talent Management

Developing and extending the offer

After completing the recruitment and selection process, identifying the final candidate, and checking references, the hiring manager may extend a conditional offer of employment. A conditional offer of employment is a job offer contingent on the satisfactory completion of a criminal history conviction background check, sexual misconduct declaration, and sexual misconduct reference check and includes:

  • Salary
  • Start date
  • Union representation dates
  • Overtime eligibility
  • Any other pertinent details of the role

Prior to extending the offer:

  • UWHR will have completed sexual misconduct disclosure requirements for the final candidate and any Washington state postsecondary educational institution.
  • Hiring managers should already have completed reference checks from the candidate’s previous managers and file review for internal candidates.
  • Hiring managers should have confirmed that the salary offer has been approved by Human Resources and department approvers. Setting a salary is based on experience and internal equity. It is unlawful to set wages based on a candidate’s past pay history.

How to extend the conditional offer

An offer of employment is not only an offer to work at the University and the salary amount, but also the last opportunity in the hiring phase to sell the job to the candidate. Hiring managers should consider the following guidelines when extending the offer:

  • Extend the offer verbally by phone or video conferencing. A face-to-face video or phone call allows the hiring manager to engage the candidate, is more personal, and allows the hiring manager to answer questions. Best practice is to schedule the phone or video call rather than to call unexpectedly.
  • Start with the positive and congratulate the candidate. Explain what motivated your selection, describe how the candidate’s skills and strengths match your needs, and provide anything else that figured into your decision. Sell the opportunity in alignment with the candidate’s stated career goals expressed during the interview.
  • Clarify that the offer is contingent on completion of a sexual misconduct declaration and a satisfactory completion of a criminal history conviction background check, if applicable. The sexual misconduct declaration was sent prior to the offer.
  • Be prepared for immediate acceptance or a request for more time to consider the offer. In advance consider how long you are prepared to wait for a response.
  • Emphasize the University’s reputation as an employer of choice and any noteworthy and relevant institutional or departmental accolades.
  • Describe UW’s total compensation package, which includes not only the salary offer, but any premiums, healthcare and retirement benefits, paid time off, or U-PASS subsidy, if applicable:


Once the candidate verbally accepts the offer, a start date is set, and the criminal conviction history background check and sexual misconduct declarations are complete, your employment representative will finalize the hire and a written hire confirmation letter should be sent.

See the UWHR Hiring webpage for a complete description of the hiring process.

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Hire confirmation letters


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Hire Confirmation Letter (from RSE to UAW-RSE staff)

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