Total Talent Management

Education verification

As a requirement of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), offers of employment for certain medical centers staff positions are contingent upon obtaining degree verification. Degree verification may also be required as part of degree-specific pay premiums as agreed to through collective bargaining.

Impacted Positions and Circumstances

Education will be verified on all regular, fixed term, and temporary staff candidates of medical centers positions who have received conditional offers of employment, including current employees who competitively apply for and are selected for new roles, when:

  • A post-secondary degree (bachelor’s degree or higher) is a minimum requirement listed in the job description
  • A selected candidate indicates a post-secondary degree on their resume, regardless of whether the job description requires a degree

Education will also be verified on any agency temps brought on through staffing agencies.


Education will not be verified for current employees if:

  • The employee meets minimum education requirements, education has previously been verified, and the stated education on the resume hasn’t changed.
  • The employee is moving into the same job profile that they currently hold, regardless of location.
  • The employee’s position was reclassified by Compensation.
  • The employee has undergone a trial service reversion.
  • The employee has undergone an involuntary demotion.


Education will be verified during the background check process by Medical Centers Recruiting, who will inform employing officials about selected candidate eligibility for employment.

However, education will also be verified:

  • If the check needs to be run as a part of a competitive job change process, and the current employee has not had their education previously verified, or if there is a change in the stated education on the selected candidate’s resume.
  • At the completion of a degree if a candidate is offered a job, contingent on the successful completion of a degree (e.g. nursing students close to graduation/future degrees).
  • In certain case-by-case scenarios when education must be verified outside of the regular recruitment process.

Candidate Rights and Responsibilities

In the event a selected candidate states a level of education or graduation date that cannot be verified, the selected candidate will have the opportunity to provide supporting documents, such as transcripts, diplomas, etc. Medical Centers Recruiting will communicate with the selected candidate any resume updates that need to be made so that the candidate’s resume accurately reflects their education.

If it is determined that the candidate does not possess the degree listed on their resume, or if the degree cannot be verified, a review will be conducted with the UW Medicine Conflict Resolution Specialist to determine if the job offer should be revoked.