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Service recognition FAQ

Last updated: June 27, 2024

At the beginning of each month, we send service recognition packets to managers who have staff celebrating milestone anniversaries for that month. The packet includes a service recognition certificate, and a UW Seal pin for those celebrating five years of service. You can view the service award options online. Campus employees celebrating 10+ year milestones also receive an email with a gift selection form included.

Yes. Contact your coordinator to receive a certification template.


UW Medicine:

Yes, you can choose an item at a lower milestone level, but you may not choose more than one item.

Complete your gift selection within three months of your service recognition anniversary. If you have not received your recognition packet during the month of your company service date, please contact your manager or email the appropriate contact to the right.

Yes. Please contact your manager or email the appropriate contact your Service Award coordinator.

Gift processing can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks upon submission of the received gift selection form.

Yes! Contact your manager or email your Service Award coordinator and a time can be arranged for you to go to the University Book Store (University Avenue location in Seattle) to meet with our vendor to process the exchange. Exchanges and returns may also be completed through campus mail, if preferred. Keep in mind that if you are exchanging for a different gift, only an item from your current milestone or lower may be selected.

Please email the appropriate contact to the right, and we’ll review your employment history. If we see a correction needs to be made, we’ll contact Employee Workday Support to have it updated.

The service recognition program uses the Company Service Date in Workday to identify milestone anniversaries for eligible employees.

To review an employee’s company service date in Workday, open the employee’s Profile > Actions > Worker History > View My Service Dates.

Those with the ‘Manager’ security role can search for and run the report “Service Award Date by Organization R0441” to review company service dates in Workday by supervisory organization. This report identifies Service Recognition Program eligible staff with their service recognition anniversary date and service years.

Your continuous service at NWH or UWP counts if you integrated from NWH or UWP on January 1, 2020 into a position at UW that is eligible for service awards.

Your service at NWH or UWP does not count if you did not integrate to UW on January 1, 2020, or if you integrated on January 1, 2020 into a UW position that is not eligible for service awards.

We appreciate your generosity, however we are not permitted to transfer/donate the value of recognition gifts to another UW entity or non-UW entity.