Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Checklist for interviewing/hiring committees

Throughout the search process, please make sure the committee completes the following:

  • Ensure every committee member has participated in an implicit bias training by Human Resources.
  • Agree, as a committee, what the hiring process will look like to work against bias.
  • Write a job posting with inclusive language.
  • Create evaluation criteria that reflects the job posting and avoids bias (e.g. “ideal” candidate qualities, education bias, etc.). Utilize a Candidate evaluation matrix to ensure all committee members agree on criteria by confirming expectation and definitions.
  • Circulate the job posting via diverse hiring websites, listservs and networks.
  • Before the interview, identify and define the most important competencies for this specific position.
  • Questions matter. Develop interview questions to assess each candidate’s qualifications.
  • Include at least one diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) question for the interview and confirm components of a “quality” answer for each question.
  • Ensure you are auditing and mitigating your bias throughout the interview process (e.g. questioning assumptions or conclusions made, considering your privilege, etc.).
  • Utilize the Candidate evaluation form to minimize bias and assess each candidate equitably.
  • After the interview, debrief immediately and deliberately.
  • Identify strengths first for every candidate.
  • Review and confirm criteria has remained consistent throughout the process.
  • Group candidates in categories (e.g. minimally qualified, qualified, highly qualified) and discuss candidates who are scored differently.
  • Once new hire has been approved, prepare for employee onboarding: New Employee Onboarding, Onboarding Toolkit, Example Checklist