Total Talent Management

Recruitment advertising options

Advertising job openings allows hiring managers to attract qualified and diverse talent from local, regional, and national markets. Hiring managers should consider the following when deciding where and how to advertise open requisitions:

  • The UW advertises all staff job openings on its website
  • All posted jobs also appear on a number of job boards including, Zip Recruiter, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, WorkSource (the Washington State job board), HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium), and others without additional cost to the hiring department.
  • To increase the diversity of the applicant pools all jobs that are posted on the UW website also appear on DirectEmployers which includes the National Labor Exchange and all of the members of the DirectEmployers Job Syndication Alliance with the exception of individual state job boards, unless the job is located within that state, at the global sites.
  • While external advertising is optional, departments are encouraged to use advertising approaches to target a specific discipline, diverse professional associations, or networks.
Social media platforms

Utilizing your department’s social media platforms is a great way to advertise about specific openings and will help you reach a more broad audience. Connect through your own personal network via LinkedIn or work with your department’s communications staff to share opportunities through your department’s social media channels or other networking and outreach platforms such as:

Use of social media for recruitment must adhere to the social media guidelines of the University and is not to be used for pre-employment hiring decision-making.

Resources to attract a diverse applicant pool

Hiring diverse talent requires us to actively work to attract diverse applicant pools, using outreach efforts, tools, and strategies to promote open positions and the benefits of working for the University of Washington. Use diverse networks, professional associations and social media platforms to connect and attract a more diverse applicant pool.

Diverse professional associations

Diverse professional associations typically provide resources and networking opportunities for diverse populations in a specific industry or field. Most associations have job boards, and some offer other opportunities to connect with potential candidates. If members of your hiring teams are affiliated with a professional network, they may be able to post for little to no cost. Below are a sample of professional networks to consider in your attraction and outreach efforts:

Diversity networks

Diversity networks are large-scale affinity groups designed to provide support and help members with similar social identities and backgrounds advance their careers. These groups are not necessarily industry- or profession- specific, but are created by and for specific underrepresented populations. Connecting and posting jobs within variety of diverse networks can help cast the net wide and reach a more diverse audience. Below is a small list of potential diversity networks to consider in your attraction and outreach efforts:

Additional Resources

Below are links to a variety of diverse networks and associations available on the Office of Financial Management (OFM) State Human Resources website for state agencies. UW does not endorse any specific site, but we encourage you to research the different options available.

You can also partner with your Recruiter to help determine what options may be best your team.

Job posting compliance

All job advertisements are required to include an equal opportunity employer announcement as described on UW’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action website.