Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inclusive hiring

Bias and hiring

Become aware of your own biases and how to reduce the impact these biases have on the hiring process.

Candidate evaluation form tips and guidelines

Review these guidelines prior to using the candidate evaluation form for in-person interviewing.

Checklist for interviewing/hiring committees

Use this checklist to ensure you are appropriately and routinely using your DEI lens in the hiring and interviewing process.

DEI commitment statement

All staff job postings emphasize the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sample position description and tips

Review this sample position description and tips to create inclusively worded position descriptions.

Tools for evaluating applicants

Ask candidates to provide diversity statements and use DEI-related questions in your interviewing.

Activity disposition codes

To comply with OFCCP regulations, it is important to keep record-keeping and data requirements that accurately document the search process, both electronically and manually.

Staff Diversity Hiring toolkit

For additional recruiting and hiring tools, visit OMAD’s staff diversity hiring toolkit.