Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Trainings for hiring managers

Last updated: September 11, 2023

The University is pleased to provide the trainings listed below to support employees’ efforts to learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. These learning opportunities have been developed by UW staff with expertise in the subject matter areas under discussion. Training requirements are specified below and include a link to certify completion. These trainings only need to be completed once.

Implicit bias

Organizations and individuals are becoming aware that everyone holds implicit bias, which is an outcome of us naturally creating generalizations, stereotypes, attitudes, and associations in our minds. Implicit biases negatively impact workplace practices such as hiring, recruitment, retention, and the opportunity for upward mobility. Thus, it is important we begin to understand our human complexities and create tools to help mitigate bias and its impact in our daily and professional lives. This training will heighten awareness around bias with the objectives to help us manage and disrupt our own misconceptions.

This self-paced training of approximately one hour is required for all hiring managers with access to UWHIRES and is encouraged for all staff.

Access the Implicit bias training here.

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Record keeping in the hiring process

Hiring managers help ensure the University’s hiring process is transparent, objective, and equitable by understanding the how and why of creating, retaining, and disposing (when appropriate) of records during the hiring process. Knowledge of laws, policies, and practices is a tool that UW staff involved in the hiring process can use to mitigate bias and comply with the law.

This self-paced training is required for UW staff involved in the hiring process such as hiring managers and interview panelists and is approximately one hour long.

Access the Record keeping supports a fair hiring process training here.

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Training FAQs

How can units/departments/managers review training completion for new or existing employees?
UWHR will monitor completion and follow-up with departments on a regular basis. Recruiters supporting units can also run attestation reports periodically upon request.

Is completion of the trainings required for continued access to UWHIRES?
 Existing or new staff who request access to UWHIRES for the first time are expected to complete the trainings prior to making the request.

Can you explain why the Implicit Bias training is required for Hiring Managers/encouraged for all staff while the Record Keeping training is required for anyone who participates in the hiring process?
The Implicit Bias training is required by OFM State Human Resources and is specific to “hiring supervisors, managers and designees.” The content in the Record keeping training, on the other hand, is a requirement of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) for the broader group of staff who are involved in hiring, including personnel involved in recruitment, screening, selection and related processes.

Our department has already developed and requires an Implicit Bias training for staff. Likewise, our staff already complete training on hiring. Can they be exempted from these two trainings?
Departments may offer training in addition to these two required trainings. However, they cannot replace these two trainings which UW uses to meet requirements under employment law and directives. The Implicit Bias training was developed to meet the objectives set by the State HR Director as a part of the Diversity Directive. The Record Keeping Supports a Fair Hiring Process was developed to meet Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requirements to train staff who participate in the hiring process on specific elements of federal law and how the University complies with the law. Credit will not be granted for department courses in lieu of mandated courses.

The Record Keeping Supports a Fair Hiring Process training includes a lot of content specific to UWHIRES Hiring Manager access. Why do staff with other UWHIRES roles such as Interviewer and Creator have to take the training when some of the content doesn’t apply to their role?
As participants in the hiring process, staff contribute to the creation of records that document the hiring process even if they don’t access the Hiring Manager Workbench in UWHIRES. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requires that everyone involved in hiring understands the University’s equal employment opportunity obligations, including how their comments on candidates, evaluation of interview questions, and other forms of review of candidates is recorded by Hiring Managers and reported by the UW.

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