Professional & Organizational Development

SLP Level 2

Level 2 of the Strategic Leadership Program is a suite of offerings designed for UW managers, directors, and other executives who operate in complex environments and must be successful in multiple areas, including strategic planning, organizational change, and performance management. Current SLP Level 2 offerings include The Learning Lab and Core Strengths — Results Through Relationships.

The Learning Lab

  • New for 2019, The Learning Lab includes Skillsoft’s complete Leadership Development Program, along with other content areas, and is powered by Percipio, Skillsoft’s new online learning platform.
  • The Leadership Development Program is instructionally, functionally, and aesthetically designed to support accelerated learning of leadership principles, encourage effective recall of concepts, and facilitate dynamic workplace application.
  • While all courses are less than 60 minutes, with a maximum of 45 minutes of video-based instruction, each is broken down into 5-8 minute video segments to support single-concept microlearning.
  • Each course also features a reflective question for appropriate set-up, knowledge checks throughout the topics for optimal recall, and a final post-course assessment.
  • The instruction makes smart use of scenarios and behavioral demonstration for fully contextualized leadership development.

To encourage and facilitate workplace application, each course includes complementary resources, such as books and book summaries, to supplement the foundational course content. Learners also benefit from a variety of application tools, including facilitation guides, reflection exercises, and job aids.

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Subscriptions run through 12/30/2019 and include unlimited access to The Learning Lab and all assets. Enjoy a reduced price for autumn subscriptions starting September 1!


Core Strengths — Results Through Relationships

Everything leaders and teams do relies on working well with others, and this workshop provides a practical framework and proven tools for building a culture steeped in collaboration, ownership, and initiative. The Core Strengths approach shows leaders how to understand their own motivations and make the connection between the motivations and behaviors of others. In addition, Core Strengths introduces a powerful “collaboration vocabulary” and helps participants build their Relationship Intelligence in order to craft more effective and productive relationships with staff members, colleagues, and stakeholders.

Upcoming offerings:

No session scheduled for Autumn quarter