Professional & Organizational Development

POD Scholarships

POD has awarded almost $30k in scholarships for classes and events! We hope to reopen applications for classes in a future quarter.

Scholarships are prioritized for:
  • Classified staff and professional staff grades 5–9.
  • Permanent, benefits-eligible employees who have been employed at the UW for at least six months.
  • Staff who are not supervisors (i.e., do not have any direct reports). If you only supervise students, you’re still eligible.
  • Staff who can’t get funding approval from their supervisor/department for the retreat.
Who is eligible

Scholarships are open to permanent, benefits-eligible staff who have been employed at the UW for at least six months, with priority given to classified staff and professional staff grades 5–9 since staff in these groups may face more challenges with career pathing and advancement at the UW.

We encourage you to apply for a POD scholarship if:

  • Your department has limited funds for training.
  • You’re reluctant to ask your department to pay for classes beyond the scope of your current job.
  • Your position is classified (union represented) or is professional staff grades 5-9.
  • You are a permanent, benefits-eligible employee who has been employed at the UW for at least six months.

Note: Professional staff in higher grades may be eligible for Professional Staff Organization scholarships.

How the program works

A limited number of scholarships will be available each quarter. Each scholarship awarded will cover the full cost of a specific POD class of your choosing.

Please note:

  • You may receive a maximum of two (2) scholarships per fiscal year.
  • POD scholarships apply only to POD’s quarterly classes, not to classes offered through Continuum College or other organizations or institutions. POD may also open the scholarship to specific POD events in the future.
  • Even if you’re awarded a POD scholarship, you may still need your supervisor’s approval to attend classes that take place during your regular working hours. Learn more about release time for training.