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Steven B. Levy


Consultant Steven LevyBad presentations stink, whether in person or online. They waste the time of the attendees, and they fail the presenter as well in squandering the opportunity to inform or persuade. Yet a few relatively simple changes can transform presentation flops into effective communication. I love to work with presenters on simple steps to both improve their visual materials (slides) and focus on the specific points they need to make with their audience. You don’t have to be a presentation star to communicate effectively – and that’s my focus, helping the people I work with become successful in this part of their work life. Getting to “great” as a presenter is really hard, but getting to “good” is a manageable goal, achievable without spending weeks in preparation.


  • Improving presentations
  • Helping presenters get out of their own way
  • Modifying slide decks to make them effective
  • Creating PowerPoint slides that work


  • Have keynoted and presented at conferences around the world
  • Author of the book PowerPoint Slides That Work! Show + Tell for Grown-Ups
  • Author of books on project management and time management
  • Have taught professional skills at private companies and public sessions


  • Former Microsoft executive
  • Featured speaker at numerous conferences

Selected Clients

  • I generally work with private clients such as large law firms and investment banks, etc.
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