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Social Entrepreneurs, Inc.

Social Entrepreneurs, Inc.


Like the organizations that we support, SEI is mission-driven. In all aspects of our practice, we seek to improve people’s lives by helping organizations realize their potential. For more than 20 years, SEI has empowered service organizations, partnering with them to build their management and operations systems to better serve their constituents and communities.

SEI’s experienced project managers invest in creating lasting relationships and developing a clear understanding of a client’s needs before moving forward with any project. In this way, we ensure the outcomes and final products are tailored to each client’s unique situation and presented in actionable, digestible formats. SEI approaches each project with a focus on quality, continually striving to bring our clients the best practices from the nonprofit, public, and business sectors.


  • Business Analysis and Organizational Review
  • Planning—Strategic, Implementation and Fund Distribution
  • Retreat and Meeting Facilitation
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Evaluation


  • Strategic Planning: SEI developed a strategic sustainability plan for Nevada 2-1-1. The plan was completed through the facilitated work of a steering committee comprised of various stakeholders. The plan identified how the statewide system providing 2-1-1 services could build its organizational capacity and ensure long-term sustainability. The process involved data collection, community outreach and engagement, and financial forecasting.
  • Business Analysis and Organizational Review: For the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Health Care Financing and Policy, SEI facilitated an organizational assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the division’s operating systems, using the Baldridge Excellence Framework. Consultants employed a comprehensive process which included survey completion, key informant interviews, and practice/policy review to understand the leadership, strategy, business process, customer management, workforce, operations, and results orientation of the agency. This information was used to develop a long-range sustainability plan.
  • Retreat and Meeting Facilitation: For the Nevada Governor’s Office, four SEI team members served as the facilitators to a variety of break-out sessions during a two-day summit aimed at identifying strategies to reducing opioid misuse and deaths in Nevada. Results of break-out sessions, each of which catered to different audiences (physicians, addiction specialists, therapists, and police officers), were synthesized and presented at the conclusion of the summit, resulting in a strategic framework for action for the State of Nevada.


  • Masters of Social Work
  • Masters in Pastoral Counseling
  • Masters in Environmental Science
  • Masters in Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Masters in Physical Anthropology
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • Foreign Law Degree
  • Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology


  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
  • First 5 San Bernardino County Children and Families Commission
  • Nevada Governor’s Office
  • The Fielding Institute
  • Community Action Partnership, Kern County
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