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Institute for Individual and Organizational Change (IFIOC)



The need for functional Evidence-Based Trainings is at an all-time high. IFIOC developed a successful niche in the world of interpersonal communications by providing training and consultation that demonstrate improved outcomes in staff management, staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

IFIOC’s mission is to provide cutting edge, research-based communication strategies tailored to the needs of individuals, professionals, and leaders in the areas of administration, health, behavioral health, education, corrections/law enforcement, employment, and government. IFIOC’s focus is to improve outcomes for individuals and organizations. IFIOC provides government professionals a spectrum of exceptional training and consultation services in Motivational Interviewing and System Change that results in cultural, sustainable, and long-term change. IFIOC’s approach is to systematically incorporate Evidence Based Practices, primarily Motivational Interviewing (MI) to foster individual and organizational change by focusing on communication/linguistics, culture (beliefs & values), and goals (outcomes & Q&A). MI focuses on developing elements of leadership, field-staff, and consumer engagement, the focus on values and goals, and strategically creating a plan(s) of action that aligns with the organization vision and mission. IFIOC approaches system change via the belief that employee engagement is paramount, but that true employee engagement is intrinsically tapped into and driven by internal drivers that align with not only the person, but the values of the organization.

Having partnered with numerous public, private, and governmental agencies both large and small, we are dedicated while being flexible in providing the training, technical assistance, consultation, and support to ensure each project is a success. IFIOC works collaboratively in loyal partnership to improve the quality of life for individuals, professionals, organizations, and the people and community they serve.


  • Change Management Training and Consultation
  • Leadership and Management Development Training
  • Instructor Lead Trainings (ILT)
  • Fidelity-Based Motivational Interviewing Training
  • Solution-Focused Team Building
  • Evidence-Based Approach to Management, Healthcare, and Behavioral Health
  • Interpersonal Communication Measurement, Feedback, and Coaching
  • Proactive Approach to Personnel Issues


In the last three years IFIOC has participated in three projects that continue to the present and that are similar in scope to the work identified in this solicitation.

Reported Outcomes: Increase in performance, transformational leadership, increased staff & customer satisfaction, reduction in complaints/increase in effective conflict resolution skills, improved community relations, decisive decision making, and positive team moral & cohesiveness.

  • DSHS — Community Services Division, 2014 to present
    • Services:
      • Phase I – MI training to Regional Managers/ Supervisory Staff and Community Service Office staff. Coaching per request.
      • Phase II – All eligible staff – MI Skill Building Training, Coaching, and Consulting
  • The Disability Network, 2014 to present
    • Services:
      • MI training and coaching to leadership and staff
      • Leadership Consulting
  • Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation, 2011 to present
    • Services:
      • MI training to leadership and staff
      • Statewide Office/Team Consults
      • Individual coaching — staff and leadership


  • Casey Jackson — MSW, LICSW, MAC
  • Kelly Franklin — M.ED, CNLP
  • John Gilbert — MS, RD, CCP, RHC-III, ACSM-CEP


  • Washington State DSHS
  • Michigan Disability Network
  • Goodwill
  • Seattle & King County Behavioral Health & Recovery Division
  • Touchmark
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Volunteers of America
  • US Bank


Patricia Kendall, Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services

“Thank you for one of the best training experiences in my career.  Not only is Motivational Interviewing the perfect communication style for my clientele, your teaching style kept me engaged throughout the entire two-day training.  I’m anxious to perfect my skills and take this to the next level: MI Proficient!”

Fatos Floyd, Director, Nebraska Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired

“I had the privilege of receiving Motivational Interviewing training from Casey Jackson and, without a doubt, he was the best trainer I’ve had the opportunity to work with.  It has had the greatest impact on how I view my role as a leader.  If we as professionals want to be more effective, we need to evolve the way we do business.”

Dr. Joseph Wainer, MD, Child Study and Treatment Center

“This training series has done more than my previous trainings in MI in getting me to use it during my actual clinical practice.  It suddenly dawned on me that it isn’t just a dry, manualized technique, but a fluid and dynamic interplay between the provider and the client.  Thank you for this wonderful insight.”

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