Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for September 19, 2014

This recap details the sixth session for the renewal of the UW–WFSE Police Management collective bargaining agreement for the 2015-17 contract term.

WFSE Proposals

Holidays – WFSE proposed that an employee’s seniority date not be affected by leave without pay taken for reason of faith or conscience, and maintained its proposal for employees to receive holiday pay according to the length of their shift instead of the standard eight hours per holiday for full-time employees.

UW informed WFSE that its current systems cannot accommodate an arrangement where employees receive holiday pay according to the length of their shift.

UW Proposals

Special Event Pay – UW proposed that in cases where an employee would receive less than eight hours between their shift and a football event, management would schedule the employee’s football shift such that they receive eight hours of rest between shifts.

Exceptions could be made for emergent operational necessity or in cases where the football shift is contiguous with the employee’s regularly-scheduled shift.

Next Steps

The next UW-WFSE Police Management bargaining session is scheduled for September 22.