Labor Relations

Teamsters 117 PPC negotiation updates

Lindsay Wright
Negotiator (Lead), Labor Relations
Patrick McNelly
Assistant Director, Creative Communications
Katy Folk-Way
Director, Creative Communications
Caroline Currin
Human Resources Consultant, Campus HR
Catherine Scheid
Specialist, UW Labor Relations
Gabriella Aguayo
HR Partner, Finance Shared Services
Ashlee Hooten
Negotiator, Labor Relations
Amy Junglov
Director, HR Compensation
Jacob Dobner
Manager, Copy and Administration Services
Chong Yi Lucas
Director, Shared Services
Ginny Charton
Compensation Consultant, HR Compensation
Josh Kemper
Specialist, UW Labor Relations

July 24, 2023 UW and Teamsters 117 Print Plant Craft Agreement Reached on CBA

UW has reached agreement with Teamsters 117 Print Plant Craft on a collective bargaining agreement for Teamsters 117 Print Plant Craft for the 2023-2025 fiscal biennium. Members of Teamsters 117 […]