Labor Relations

WSNA – Montlake negotiation updates

This is the team negotiating the contract effective 2023 to 2025.

Kristi Aravena
Director, Labor Relations
Stephanie Howe
Director, Payroll Services
Nicki McCraw
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, UW Medicine
Julius Pasco
Human Resources Consultant, UW Medicine
Cindy Sayre
Chief Nursing Officer, UWMC
Dorthea McMahon
Assistant Administrator, Admission and Bed Coordination Centers, Central Resources and Workforce Management, UWMC
Kellie Garth Green
Assistant Administrator, Critical Care, UWMC-Montlake
Rekha Matken
Assistant Administrator, Ambulatory Clinics, UW Medicine
Sue Theiler
Director, Patient Care Services
Joy DeLyria
Labor Relations Specialist, Labor Relations
Jennifer Bunzel
Senior Compensation Consultant, UW Medicine
Jennifer Petritz
Director, Human Resources, UW Medicine
Sherri del Bene
Assistant Administrator, Patient Care Services
Carla Brannen
Assistant Administrator, Perioperative Services, UWMC
Nan Ybarra
Assistant Administrator, Women and Infant Services, UWMC
Caron McMahon
Director of Ambulatory Care Nursing, UWMC
Nichole Gogna
6SE Nurse Manager, UWMC-Montlake
Amy Haverland
Nurse Manager, Critical Care

The University of Washington (UW) and Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) are bargaining the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for UW Medical Center – Montlake (UWMC-ML) and UW Medical Center – Northwest (UWMC-NW) jointly. Updates for bargaining sessions for both CBAs can be found here.