Labor Relations

Meeting Summary: July 8, 2014


UW performed a walk-through of the topics and documents discussed to date.

Transitioning Effectively

UW stressed that with the implementation date of Workday defined, it is crucial in the time leading up to it to identify and address all issues and concerns of the unions as well as the UW employees they represent. The implications of HR/P Modernization are different for each union, but some of the upcoming changes will certainly have tangible impacts on employees.

An overriding concern for UW is how these changes will affect the lives of individual employees, and it is a top priority to ensure an effective and thoughtful transition that is mindful of this.

Bargaining the Impacts

UW reaffirmed its commitment to engage each of the unions and uphold its bargaining obligations where applicable. UW confirmed that it will provide each union with a demand to bargain in the coming weeks.

Next Steps

Questions that have arisen throughout these discussions can be found in the HR/P Labor Relations Frequently Asked Questions, and full details on the project are located on the HR/Payroll Modernizationwebsite. The next HR/P Labor Discussion is scheduled for July 22. Union participation and input in these meetings is strongly encouraged, and the University is providing paid release time for designated employees to attend.