Labor Relations

Bargaining Update: July 2, 2014

Comprehensive Tentative Agreement Reached

UW and AFT have reached a comprehensive tentative agreement on the parties’ first collective bargaining agreement, effective from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017.

Highlights of the Tentative Agreement:

New Salary Minimums – UW will increase salary minimums in three tiers determined by extension lecturer anniversary date. New base salaries for IELP extension lecturers are as follows:

  • Minimum base salary: $3,600 per month.
  • Initial hire date of 2002-2007: $3,700 per month.
  • Initial hire date of 1996-2001: $3,900 per month.
  • Initial hire date of 1995 or before: Base salary of $4,000 per month or $285 in addition to their current base, whichever is greater.

Summer Premium Pay – Annual contract holders working summer quarter will receive an additional 20 percent premium rate of pay during summer quarter if they worked the full preceding academic year.

General Wage Increases – Extension lecturers will receive an automatic 2 percent wage increase effective July 1, 2014. Subsequent merit-based wage increases during the life of the contract will be pegged to those allocated for UWEO professional staff.

One-time Payment – Extension lecturers employed at the time of ratification who were on payroll in Autumn Quarter of 2013 will receive a one-time lump sum payment, pro-rated for lecturers who worked less than 100 percent FTE in Autumn, Winter, or Spring Quarters.

Annual Contracts – 75 percent of all IELP extension lecturers who meet eligibility criteria will receive annual contracts. Current annual contract holders will keep their annual contracts if they meet minimum performance expectations.

Collaboration and Employee Input – A selection committee of three extension lecturers and two directors will review applications and recommend additional instructors for future annual contracts. An evaluation committee of three extension lecturers and two directors will work together to refine the merit process and pilot future evaluation processes and criteria.

Performance Evaluations – Extension lecturers will engage in an annual in-person performance evaluation meeting with the Senior Director or designee each year. If performance-based salary increases have not occurred during a salary freeze, the first subsequent performance-based salary increase will reflect up to 3 years of performance evaluations.

Professional Development – Extension lecturers who have completed the probationary period may use UWEO professional development funds subject to UWEO’s policy.

Class Size – Class size will generally be limited to 18 students, but management and an extension lecturer may agree to exceed 18 if a split into two sections is impossible due to lack of classroom space or a qualified teacher, or if final enrollment is predicted to drop to 18 due to student attrition. In certain cases management may exceed 18 students in a class for other reasons, after discussion with the union.

Management Rights – The contract memorializes several management rights, including establishing, planning, and directing the University’s missions, programs, and resources.

Layoff – If enrollments are not sufficient to support all extension lecturers, contracts will be assigned first to annual contract holders and then to quarterly contract holders. If an employment downturn exceeding 15 percent of the extension lecturer pool is anticipated, management will meet with the union to jointly discuss the situation and possible solutions.

Probationary Period – Extension lecturers will be eligible to exit the probationary period after the sooner of two full-time quarters or six courses. IELP management will observe, guide, and mentor lecturers in the probationary period as often as is possible and appropriate.

Corrective Action – Corrective action will only be administered for just cause, and the University will determine the specific step at which the process begins based on the nature and severity of the problem. Extension lecturers may request the early removal of disciplinary materials from their department annual file, and once removed, such materials will not be used in subsequent adverse action against the lecturer.

Next Steps

AFT’s membership has voted to ratify this contract. Once finalized, the contract will be published to the UW Labor Relations website in its entirety.