Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for August 13, 2013

This recap details the 25th bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

UW Definitive Settlement Offer

UW presented a comprehensive proposal that packaged together all contract provisions that remain unsettled, including:

Management Rights
UW accepted AFT’s proposal to exclude “defining criteria for performance expectations” as a management right.
Performance Evaluation
In response to AFT’s concern that performance-based priority for contract assignment could compromise collaboration among extension lecturers, UW proposed language to make collaboration a key determinant in the evaluation of an extension lecturer’s performance.
UW maintained its proposal to allocate for annual 2 percent salary increases, with the potential for extension lecturers to receive more or less than 2 percent based on their performance. UW maintained its proposal to raise the minimum monthly salary to $3,600 for full-time and part-time regular extension lecturers.

Next Steps

AFT expressed dissatisfaction with UW’s proposal, and committed to follow up with the UW regarding next steps.