Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for July 8, 2013

This recap details the 22nd bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

UW Counter-Proposals

Hiring List
UW proposed allowing for the number of annual (11.5 month) and academic year (nine month) contracts to comprise a combined 33 percent or more of the extension lecturer pool. UW maintained its proposal to use recent performance evaluation indicators to determine an extension lecturer’s placement on the Hiring List.
Personnel Files
UW proposed that materials in an employee’s annual file be returned to the employee after three years, understanding that copies of such materials may be archived elsewhere for longer, according to applicable records retention schedules.
Professional Development
UW proposed funding professional development for each extension lecturer based on the amount necessary for their approved training, and thus the professional development funds available to each lecturer would not be subject to a maximum allowance.
Performance Evaluation
UW proposed language to further clarify courses for which an extension lecturer does not need to conduct a course evaluation.
UW maintained its proposal to allocate for annual 2 percent performance-based salary increases, and proposed further raising the minimum monthly salary to $3,600 for full-time and part-time regular extension lecturers.

Next Steps

The next UW-AFT bargaining session is scheduled for July 22.