Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for July 1, 2013

This update outlines the seventh and final session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UWMC and WSNA.

Comprehensive Tentative Agreement Reached

Contract Highlights

UWMC and WSNA reached a comprehensive tentative agreement on a contract for the 2013-2015 biennium, which both parties will recommend to their constituents for approval and ratification. Key provisions include:

Employees will receive a 2 percent across-the-board wage increase for both years of the 2013-2015 biennium.
The parties also agreed to increase the pay at four select steps on the wage scale that previously did not provide for a pay increase from the preceding step, effective January 1, 2014.
Charge Nurse Pay
Nurses will be paid the Charge Nurse premium when they are assigned Charge Nurse responsibility for a period of one or more hours, instead of the previous minimum four-hour threshold.
Missed Rest Breaks
Any missed rest breaks that are not documented in KRONOS will be considered as taken.
Compensatory Time Off
Compensatory time accumulation for extra “straight-time” hours worked will be eliminated.
Leave due to Childcare Emergencies
Use of vacation leave, sick leave, and leave without pay for emergency child care will be limited to six days total per calendar year.
Innovative Work Schedule Agreement Form
Nurses may submit changes to their work period twice per year or when transferring to a new unit.
Contract Details

For more details on what is new and different in the 2013-2015 collective bargaining agreement, see the summary of the UWMC-WSNA comprehensive tentative agreement.

Next Steps

UWMC and WSNA will recommend this agreement to their respective constituents for approval and ratification.