Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for June 13, 2013

This recap details the sixth session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UWMC and WSNA.

UWMC Counter-Proposal

Union Reports
UWMC presented a counter to WSNA’s proposed language surrounding administrative processes such as dues deduction and employee rosters.

Package Proposals

The parties exchanged package proposals that bundled together various outstanding items, and would need to be accepted in their entirety. Provisions included rest between shifts, missed rest breaks, compensation, and leave due to childcare emergencies.

Further Dialogue

UWMC thanked its nurses for their part in a shining report from a recent unannounced survey by The Joint Commission health care accreditation organization. UWMC recounted The Joint Commission’s recognition of the extraordinary patient acuity at UWMC, as well as its praise for the expertise and the patient focus at UWMC.

Next Steps

The next UWMC-WSNA bargaining session is scheduled for June 21.