Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for May 17, 2013

This recap details the 18th bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

UW Counter-Proposals

Management Rights
UW revised its proposed language to clarify management’s right to schedule teaching assignments and to define criteria for performance expectations.
UW accepted AFT’s removal of some of the more prescriptive language surrounding management rights related to academic matters. UW proposed language to preserve management’s right to ensure that courses are taught in alignment with appropriate and intended learning outcomes.
UW proposed that in the event of a layoff, management would provide a notification to impacted extension lecturers with a copy to the union. UW also proposed language to memorialize that impacted extension lecturers would be paid through the end of the quarter in which the layoff occurred.
UW withdrew its proposed language defining an emergency layoff and accepted AFT’s proposal to allow for withdrawal of a resignation within 10 calendar days of its submission.
University Closure
UW proposed language to clarify that if a client contract requires the University to perform a defined amount of in-class time, classes in such programs must be made up if missed due to University closure.
Job Descriptions/Workload
UW maintained its proposal to require that extension lecturers use their UWEO-provided account for work-related emails. UW maintained its proposal to not include language detailing benefits eligibility for summer quarter in the contract.
The parties have reached tentative agreement on much of what constitutes “core job responsibilities.”
Academic Freedom
UW revised its previous proposal to memorialize extension lecturers’ relationship with the University as one of honesty and integrity.

AFT Counter-Proposals

AFT maintained its previous compensation proposal.

Next Steps

The next UW-AFT bargaining session is scheduled for May 31.