Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 16, 2013

This recap details the 20th session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW/Harborview and SEIU 1199, and the 11th session to be facilitated by neutral mediators.

UW/Harborview Counter-Proposals

Article 13.7: Floating
UW/Harborview proposed revisions to SEIU 1199’s latest counter, in order to clarify that employees may formally accept employment in more than one department, but that they are not eligible for a float premium for hours worked in those departments.
Paid Release for Bargaining
UW/Harborview maintained several aspects of its proposal, including paying for one additional member of SEIU 1199’s bargaining team during contract negotiations.
UW/Harborview upheld its proposal to memorialize past expectations for the collective bargaining process, such as paying union team members only for the actual time spent in negotiations, but withdrew its proposal to require the union bargaining team to consist of the same people at each session.

Further Dialogue

Airlift Northwest
Airlift Northwest Contract
UW/Harborview emphasized that Airlift Northwest’s business and operations are sufficiently distinct to warrant having its own contract, as opposed to occupying a supplement at the end of the Harborview master contract. UW/Harborview confirmed its intention for future rounds of collective bargaining to negotiate Airlift Northwest separately from the Harborview master contract.
Fixed Wing Aircraft Single Pilot Operation
The parties discussed questions and concerns surrounding Airlift Northwest management’s decision to move from a dual-pilot model to a single-pilot model for its AC690 aircraft. The parties exchanged information, and committed to follow up promptly on any outstanding questions.
Focus Tables – Health Care Specialists and END Technologists

Health care specialists and electroneurodiagnostic (END) technologists advocated for increased pay for their respective work groups.

SEIU 1199 also argued that UW/Harborview’s proposed increases to educational and professional development funds for health care specialists are insufficient.

Additional Items

SEIU 1199 did not provide UW/Harborview with any counter-proposals.

Next Steps

The next UW/Harborview-SEIU 1199 bargaining session is scheduled for May 16.