Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap – May 23, 2012

This recap details the first session for the renewal of the collective bargaining agreement between the UW and WFSE.

Ground Rules

After a lengthy discussion, both UW and WFSE agreed upon ground rules for negotiations.

Both parties agreed that UW would provide paid release time for four members of WFSE’s bargaining team per meeting, and would accommodate unpaid release time for the remaining 11 members.

WFSE Proposal

WFSE presented its initial contract proposal, which suggested changes to 15 articles in the existing collective bargaining agreement.

WFSE’s proposals covered an array of topics, ranging from wage increases, additional paid leave, and professional development to contracting out, corrective action, and grievance procedures.

Key points of WFSE’s proposal:
Wage Increases
Implement market adjustments, plus a three percent across-the-board raise for fiscal year 2014 and an additional three percent across-the-board raise for fiscal year 2015.
Premium Pay
Institute pay premiums for employees working weekends, donning protective equipment, earning certifications, or cleaning specific types of hospital rooms.
Increased Paid Leave
Provide an additional personal holiday, expanded vacation accrual, and up to five additional days of paid leave for medical center employees to put toward professional development.
Contracting Out
Remove all contracting out language from the collective bargaining agreement.
Temporary Employees
Expand contract provisions that apply to temporary employees, including sick leave and additional holiday overtime for temporary workers.

Further Dialogue

UW committed to review WFSE’s contract proposals in detail.

UW expressed that despite continued financial uncertainty, it hopes both parties can reach a mutually-satisfactory agreement in a timely manner.

The next UW/WFSE bargaining session is scheduled for June 6.