Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for May 21, 2012

This recap details the sixth bargaining session between the UW and AFT.

AFT Proposals

AFT provided a review of all of its proposals to date.

AFT expressed again that the majority of its overall contract proposal is simply a single collection of existing policies and procedures, both in the IELP operations manual and at the University as a whole.

AFT presented two new articles:
Article 9 – Seniority List:
Lecturers would be put on the “Seniority List” once they have completed their new-hire probationary period. Lecturers would retain their “Seniority List” position during leaves of absence of up to two years.
Article 14 – Corrective Actions/Formal Discipline:
This article sets a distinction between “corrective measures,” described as supervisory counsel to an employee to avoid disciplinary action, and “formal discipline,” which entails written reprimands, suspension, and dismissal.
Prior to taking any disciplinary action, the UW would be required to notify and consult AFT and the employee in question to hear reasons for why they believe discipline should not occur.
AFT also presented revisions to Articles 4 and 16:
Article 4 – Union Rights:
New “Reassigned Time” provisions would guarantee union officers 33 percent paid non-teaching time, and provide time off for lecturers to attend union conferences.
Article 16 – Job Descriptions/Workload:
IELP would cap its class sizes, and would promise to pay for lecturer benefits during summer quarter for lecturers who opted to not work during summer quarter.

Further Dialogue

UW requested clarification on AFT’s use of the term “faculty” in the official name for the UW unit – “UW English Language Faculty.”

AFT explained that the name aligns with AFT’s national branding strategy for naming its local units. AFT acknowledged that despite using the word “faculty,” IELP lecturers are not UW Faculty.

In anticipation of AFT’s forthcoming compensation proposal, UW outlined its current financial situation.

UW explained that while economic constraints remain a challenge for the University in the immediate future, it is prepared to pursue creative solutions with AFT.

The date of the next UW/AFT bargaining session is currently being determined by both teams.