Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for May 14, 2012

This recap details the fifth bargaining session held between the UW and AFT.

AFT Proposals

AFT presented several contract proposals, and expressed that the majority mirrored existing policies in the IELP operations manual, with only minor changes. These provisions included:

Article 10 – Layoffs and Reductions in Force:
Lecturers would be laid off according to seniority, and UW would discuss any alternatives with the union prior to taking action.
Article 11 – Reassigned Time and Specialist Positions:
Lecturers on reassignment may be eligible for an administrative supplement.
Article 12 – Emergencies Due to Weather or Natural Disasters:
Lecturers would not be required to make up classes cancelled by weather-related University closures.
Article 19 – Performance Evaluation:
Senior lecturers would be evaluated by students and directors, and each year they would craft a performance evaluation report and meet with the IELP senior director to discuss it.

AFT’s proposed Articles 16 and 18 were discussed at greater length:

Article 16 – Job Descriptions/Workload:
UW would limit the amount of time between classes for lecturers each day to avoid large gaps between shifts, and would guarantee lecturers freedom over employing their own teaching methods.
Lecturers would also be permitted to teach as substitutes within IELP, at the hourly substitute pay rate.
Article 18 – Professional Development:
UW would extend the tuition waivers that are currently given to lecturers for state-funded UW courses to include courses within UWEO.
UWEO would increase its annual funding to each lecturer for professional development expenses – from the current $640 to $1,000 – to cover extra costs such as membership in professional organizations and resource materials.

Finally, AFT put forth additional standard contract provisions:

Articles 20, 22, and 23 established both parties’ recognition of the contract and their commitment to bargain successor contracts, and provided that UW would not outsource IELP programs or courses at the University.

In Article 24, AFT drafted a template for a contract duration provision, but stated that it was not concerned with the actual length of the agreement.

Further Dialogue

UW voiced concern for having not yet received AFT’s entire proposal, emphasizing that it will soon be immersed in simultaneous bargaining with many different unions.

AFT replied that it would complete and submit its final contract proposals promptly.

The next UW/AFT bargaining session is scheduled for May 21.