Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap for April 23, 2012

This recap details the third bargaining session held between the UW and the AFT.

UW Introduction

UW began by establishing that one of its guiding principles is to ensure that the University emerges from the recession in a way that benefits all employees.

UW noted that no academic personnel have received merit wage increases in four years, and that many of the UW’s nearly 20,000 union-represented employees are interlinked by “me-too” agreements, whereby a pay raise for one union triggers an equivalent raise for another.

AFT Proposals

AFT presented three new contract article proposals:

Article 6 – Probationary Periods:
AFT proposed a variable-duration probationary period for new extension lecturers.
Advancement from this probation would hinge upon student evaluations, supervisor observations, input from both supervising directors and peers, and a self-report from the new lecturer.
Article 15 – Leaves of Absence:
AFT proposed various provisions related to paid and unpaid leave.
This includes allowing absences during registration week for certain lecturers, establishing one additional paid holiday per quarter for each lecturer’s personal use, and expanding the maximum leave without pay to two years.
Article 17 – Benefits:
AFT proposed numerous provisions outlining participation in existing insurance and investment plans.

Further Dialogue

AFT requested that UW clarify the nature of what IELP financial documents are available and can be requested.

UW agreed to find this out and let AFT know promptly.

AFT asked if the UW had contract proposals to offer yet.

UW reiterated that it will put forth its response once the AFT has finished its overall proposal, explaining that it is difficult to bargain over individual, yet interrelated articles when several other AFT provisions remain unknown.

Both parties agreed to delay the next meeting, allowing AFT more time to complete its proposal.

The next UW/AFT bargaining session is scheduled for May 7.