Labor Relations

Negotiations Recap – April 23, 2012

This recap details the ninth round of bargaining between the UWMC and WSNA, and the third session facilitated by a Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) appointed mediator.

Tentative Final Agreement

UWMC and WSNA reached the following tentative final agreement, which both parties will recommend to their constituents for approval and ratification:

Contract Term
A one-year contract duration, from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013.
BSN Premium Pay
UWMC will award a $1 per hour pay-premium for nurses holding a BSN or higher nursing degree, effective October 1, 2012.
Harborview “Me-Too”
UWMC agrees to match for its nurses any newly negotiated pay increases received by SEIU 1199NW-represented nurses at Harborview Medical Center, affecting the pay range, pay steps, or across-the-board raises that take effect during the contract term.
Sick Leave Notification
UWMC nurses must notify management at least two hours before the beginning of their shift if they are unable to report for duty as scheduled. Failure to do so could result in the loss of paid sick leave for that day.

If ratified, all other issues and proposals will be withdrawn by both parties, and everything else in the contract will remain as it was before.

UWMC and WSNA will now await a response from their respective constituents.