HR for FT

Hire professional staff

Use the information below to create a UWFT-related regular professional staff position if you know that you need a position to perform work that is:

  • Exempt from civil service and meets exemption criteria to be covered by the Professional Staff Program
  • Needed on an ongoing basis

If you want to recruit for a professional staff temporary position (PSTP), follow the instructions for Hiring temporary staff.

Position creation and escalated approval

Step 1: Leverage the payroll titles and descriptors webpage to identify the potential professional staff payroll title that best describes the job. Common job titles specific to potential UWFT-related jobs include:

Job Title Job Code

(Job codes vary based on pay grade assigned)

Business systems analyst 11681, 11682, 11692
Grants and Contracts Program Manager/Specialist 11775, 11776, 11777
Program Financial Analyst 11182, 11183, 11184, 11185, 11186 (see PSPD template below)
Program Financial Manager 11180, 11172, 11173
Program Operations Analyst 11683, 11684, 11685, 11686
Program Operations Specialist 11540, 11541, 11542, 11558 (see PSPD template below)
Senior Applications System Engineer 11730, 11731
Senior Computer Specialist 11568, 11569, 11570
Systems Programmer 11572, 11573
Technology Manager 11739, 11740, 11741, 11762

Step 2: Complete the Professional Staff Position Description (PSPD) (MS Word) form. In addition to the payroll descriptors above, consider using the PSPD templates for the following common position types:

Local environment financial analyst (Program Operations Specialist): This template is for positions supporting “local environments” which typically have the complexity, work volume and impact that correspond to use of job profiles in the Program Operations Specialist series with a working/business title of Financial Analyst. For positions supporting shared environments, please use the “Shared Environment Financial Analyst” template.

Shared environment financial analyst (Program Financial Analyst): This template is for positions supporting “shared environments” which typically have the complexity, work volume and impact that correspond to use of job profiles in the Program Financial Analyst series. For positions supporting “local environments,” please use the Program Operations Specialist template and the working/business title of Financial Analyst.

These templates must be modified to account for your unit’s specific complexities and the actual responsibilities of the position. If you merely copy and paste the template, your create position request will be sent back.

Step 3: Follow the applicable process in Workday to create the position:

Step 4: To ensure timely review, it is critical that you complete the Workday position creation process fully and accurately. Review the Create a regular position checklist to create a regular professional staff position to check your work.

Step 5: Indicate that your position is UWFT-related in Workday by adding “UWFT-related” to the approval comments on the create position business process. “UWFT-related” should be the first thing in your comment.

Requisition creation and job posting (Campus)

Whether you are hiring for a new position or to fill a vacancy, begin the recruitment process as soon as possible by following the Create Job Requisition – Staff Campus user guide. If the position will support UWFT implementation, enter “UWFT-related position” in the Recruitment Questionnaire Additional Notes field.

Your recruiting partner will monitor UWFT-related requisitions to ensure hiring actions occur quickly and consistently. For example, the following activities will be completed by the end of the business day after department approvals/requests are submitted. The standard for non UWFT-related positions is three days or less:

  • Review/approve new Workday requisitions
  • Job posting preview sent to departments

Requisition creation and job posting (Medical centers)

Communicate with your recruiter directly if you have any UWFT-related jobs that you need to fill.