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University of Washington
Professional Staff Payroll Title Series Descriptor
Human Resources Compensation Office

Payroll Title Program Operations Specialist
Typical Responsibilities

For a specific and definable program, regularly performs professional level program administration and management of a non-routine nature which requires independent judgment and decision making. Exercises substantial responsibility to ensure program success. Utilizes specialized knowledge of the specific program to allocate resources and establish policies, methods, and procedures for the program. Ensures that program conforms to institutional and department policies and regulations.

Supervisory Responsibility

Supervision of staff is not required, but is commonly found at higher grades in the series. Supervisors have the authority to hire staff, evaluate job performance, and take corrective action if performance is not acceptable.

Overtime Eligibility

FLSA overtime status is based on the position's duties and responsibilities, and whether or not the position's gross salary is less than the federal FLSA salary basis test or the Washington state salary basis test, whichever is higher. Please visit the Compensation website for current information on FLSA overtime eligibility.

Professional Staff Exemption

Program Direction/Control: Managerial or professional level positions having substantial responsibility for directing or controlling program operations and who are accountable for the allocations of resources and program results.

Sample Working Titles

Working titles for this payroll title series tend to reflect the specific programs served. Examples include: Program Administrator, Case Manager, Curator of the Ceramics and Sculpture Collection, Project Administrator, Sr. Contracts Manager

Alternative Payroll Titles

Positions responsible for a specific program and supervising at least 2.0 FTE may be more appropriately placed in the Manager, Program Operations series.


This position should not report to another position that uses the same Program Direction/Control professional staff exemption criteria if it shares the same level of responsibility for the same program.Meeting an FLSA overtime exemption is a critical component of new positions assigned this payroll title.

Payroll title descriptors provide a general idea of the type of work performed by jobs assigned to payroll titles in a series. Descriptors do not and are not intended to represent all possible positions in the payroll title series. Payroll title and grade assignments for a professional staff position are based on its position-specific job description (see Professional Staff Position Description form).

Descriptor version date: 3/30/2011 5:08:30 PM