HR for FT

Recruitment and advertising supports

Campus Recruitment has implemented a recruiting and advertising strategy focused on expediting the hiring process and building applicant pipelines for common UWFT-related position types.

Clients can assist in ensuring the hiring process moves as quickly as possible by following the noted “client responsibility” tasks below. Thank you for your partnership!

Prioritize job postings and candidate referrals for FT-related positions

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: When opening new Workday requisitions, enter “UWFT-related position” in the Recruitment Questionnaire Additional Notes field if the position will support UWFT implementation.

CAMPUS RECRUITMENT RESPONSIBILITY: When your Campus Recruitment partner sees the note, they will flag your requisition as UWFT-related. This will make sure we prioritize your job posting and referrals and can monitor your requisition’s progress.

Maintain a dedicated, applicant-facing landing website to support FT-related hiring

Campus Recruitment’s advertisements will direct prospective job applicants to a new landing page focused on UWFT-related finance positions. The website will enhance the applicant experience and increase your positions’ exposure by reducing the reliance on the UWHIRES search feature.


  • Please promote within your own networks.
  • We encourage you to review the to make sure your UWFT-related finance positions are included. If not, alert your Campus Recruitment partner of the oversight.

CAMPUS RECRUITMENT RESPONSIBILITY: Regularly update the site with links to postings for finance positions flagged as UWFT-related.

Utilize candidate banks to process applications and refer candidates for select positions

Campus Recruitment is piloting candidate banks to streamline the hiring process for Budget/Fiscal Analyst (B/FA) and Fiscal Specialist 2 (FS2) vacancies. Candidate banks are used to source applicants for the same job profile, who are then referred to your specific requisition when determined qualified and eligible for UW employment.

Please note: The Budget/Fiscal Analyst (B/FA) and Fiscal Specialist 2 (FS2) candidate banks apply to all campus B/FA and FS2 vacancies posted for recruitment regardless of whether the position is being hired to support Workday Finance implementation (excluding medical centers recruitments). Please refrain from requesting an exemption to the candidate bank process during the pilot.


  • Plan to review and disposition applicants as quickly as possible as they will have likely been referred to similar positions in other departments.


  • Campus Recruitment prepares the job posting within 2 business days after the department completes Workday requisition approvals.
  • First referrals will be sent on Tuesdays the week after the posting is finalized and second referrals will be sent the following Tuesday. Additional referrals may be sent based upon consultation between department and the candidate bank recruiter.
Execute a sourcing strategy to build pipelines for UW-FT related positions

UWHR anticipates approximately 62 +/- 8 positions to be filled by clients standing up shared and local environments and at least 23 in units responsible for WD sustainment (UW-IT, ISC, Finance, OPB and Research). Our sourcing strategy may be adjusted based on hiring needs and is dependent upon the staffing and financial resources that Campus Recruitment has available.

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Please use your own networks to promote UWFT-related job openings.

CAMPUS RECRUITMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Campus Recruitment will promote UWFT-related positions through paid advertisements, social media posts and job fairs, with a focus on the following populations:

Diverse candidate pools: In alignment with UW’s institutional goal of recruiting and hiring more diverse candidates, we will be targeting these populations by leveraging existing community partnerships, posting jobs to population specific job boards, and participating in diversity-focused career fairs and events.

Finance professionals: We aim to reach job seeking finance professionals through finance-specific job boards, a targeted email campaign, and establishing and leveraging professional organization affiliations including partnerships with local colleges.

Mission-driven job seekers: We will source candidates looking for careers with mission-driven organizations by posting jobs to job sites geared toward higher education and the public and non-profit sectors.

Regional job seekers: Local job seekers will be reached through both free and paid job posting channels like The Seattle Times Jobs Board and WorkSource.

Student and alumni job seekers: We will source student and alumni job seekers from local colleges/universities, community colleges and technical schools utilizing the free job board, Handshake.