HR for FT

Hire classified staff

The process for hiring classified staff to support Workday UWFT implementation will vary depending on whether you need to fill a vacancy or create a new position.

Follow the steps below to make your classified hiring as efficient as possible.

Create a new position

If you need to create a new position to perform classified work, follow the steps below. The process is the same for nonpermanent (less than 12-month) and regular positions.

Step 1: Follow the applicable process in Workday to create the position:

Step 2: Leverage the job title list and classification specifications to draft the job description. Do not copy the classification specification; the job description must describe the specific position in your organization. Use nonpermanent job profiles for positions less than 12 months in duration or if you are unsure whether the amount of work expected warrants a permanent position.

Common classified finance and information technology job titles include:

Job Title Job Code

(Regular or nonpermanent fixed duration FTE positions)

Job Code

(nonpermanent hourly positions)

Accountant 1 17300 22275
Accountant 2 17301 22276
Accountant, Senior 17302 22277
Accountant Supervisor 17011 22203
Budget Analyst 17335 22287
Budget/Fiscal Analyst 17336 22288
Budget/Fiscal Analyst Lead 17337 22903
Budget/Fiscal Operations Supervisor 17339 22290
Budget/Fiscal Unit Supervisor 17338 22289
Fiscal Specialist 1 17036 22216
Fiscal Specialist 2 17037 22217
Fiscal Specialist 2151F 12021 23057
Fiscal Specialist Supv 17068 22231
Fiscal Technician 1 (SEIU 925 Nonsupv) 17050 22222
Fiscal Technician 1 (WFSE HMC) 18633 22709
Fiscal Technician 1 (WFSE Libraries) 18750 22792
Fiscal Technician 2 (SEIU 925 Nonsupv) 17051 22223
Fiscal Technician 2 (WFSE HMC) 18634 22710
Fiscal Technician 2 (WFSE Libraries) 18751 22793
Fiscal Technician 3 17055 22226
Fiscal Technician Lead 17052 22224
Fiscal Technician Supervisor 17053 22225
Shared Services Analyst 17331 23225
Shared Services Specialist 17330 23227
Shared Services Supervisor 17332 23223

Step 3: To ensure timely review, it is critical you complete the Workday position creation process fully and accurately. Review the Create Position Checklist for classified positions to check your work.

Step 4: Indicate that your position is UWFT-related in Workday by adding “UWFT-related” to the approval comments on the create position business process. “UWFT-related” should be the first thing in your comment because it helps HR Recruiting and Compensation staff see that the action should be expedited. 

Requisition creation and job posting (Campus)

Whether you are hiring for a new position or to fill a vacancy, begin the recruitment process as soon as possible by following the Create Job Requisition – Staff Campus user guide. If the position will support UWFT implementation, enter “UWFT-related position” in the Recruitment Questionnaire Additional Notes field.

If you are filling a nonpermanent or intermittent classified position on a noncompetitive basis, follow the information described on the Recruiting and hiring temporary staff webpage.

Your recruitment partner will monitor UWFT-related requisitions to ensure hiring actions occur quickly and consistently. For example, the following activities will be completed by the end of the business day after department approvals/requests are submitted. The standard for non-UWFT positions is three days or less:

  • Review/approve new Workday requisitions
  • Job posting preview sent to departments

You will receive resumes for most classified staff positions within three business days after the posting closes. If you are recruiting for Budget/Fiscal Analyst or Fiscal Specialist 2 positions, you will receive resumes weekly on Tuesdays.

Requisition creation and job posting (Medical centers)

Communicate with your recruiter directly if you have any UWFT-related jobs that you need to fill.