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Lactation stations

Last updated: April 8, 2019

When returning to work or school, leaving your baby is difficult, but finding a place to pump shouldn’t be. Accordingly, the UW provides many lactation stations. Each is private, secure, and clean. You’ll find them in buildings across campus and at medical centers and other UW offices.

Make a plan

At least two weeks before returning to work or school, start making your plan for pumping by finding a lactation station and calling its coordinator. Each station is different, so when you call be sure to ask:

  • Does the station have a breast pump I can use?
  • What accessory kit do I need to bring?
  • Do I need an access code or key?
  • How do I schedule my pumping times?
  • Is there a refrigerator for storing milk?
  • Can I schedule an orientation before using the station?

For stations that have pumps, you’ll need to bring your own breast pump accessory kit. You won’t be able to store your kit at the station unless the station provides secure lockers.

Get started now using the interactive map below.

Find a lactation station

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Can’t find a convenient lactation station near you?

We recommend contacting your supervisor, program coordinator, building coordinator or department administer for help. Most often departments are willing/able to find and locate an area that works.

  1. Need private, lockable room. Describe the time frame needed, how often, how long.
  2. Are they aware of a lactation area used in the past but not listed on public website that you could use?
  3. If unable to resolve satisfactorily, please contact for support.