Total Talent Management

Service recognition FAQ

At your five-year anniversary, your supervisor will receive your certificate and lapel pin.
If you are celebrating 10 or more years of service you will receive a gift selection form. You can view the service award options online. Note your choice of award on the selection form and return it to your supervisor for processing.

Service is measured from the date of the most recent hire. Periods of academic, student, or temporary employment (including per diem, hourly, and fixed duration appointments) are not included.

All classified or professional staff with continuous employment at the University and who are in active service on their anniversary date.

Time on layoff is not deducted from years of service for employee service recognition as long as the employee remained on the layoff list until rehired by the University.

Employees rehired by the University after their removal from a layoff list do not have time on layoff counted towards service recognition milestones.

Employees on a leave of absence during their service anniversary will receive their selected award upon return to work.

Yes, you can choose an item at a lower milestone level, but you may not choose more than one item.

Yes. Please contact your supervisor, or email the appropriate contact to the right.