Total Talent Management


Phone screening

Tips for conducting a phone screening.

Virtual interviewing

While the use of technology for virtual interviewing may now seem more mainstream, it does come with important considerations for both the hiring manager and candidate.

Prepare and conduct the interview

Best practices for preparing and conducting the interview, and guidance for debriefing the interview panel after the interview.

Behavioral/Competency-based interviewing

Identifying and defining the specific competencies needed to perform the essential duties in each position will help set clear expectations for the role, provide flexibility as needs and technology evolves, and provides a foundation for equitably assessing whether or not a candidate is the best fit for the role.

Fair pre-employment inquiry

To comply with federal and state laws and university administrative policy, hiring officials must ensure that all pre-employment inquires made of job applicants, whether written or oral, are “fair”. Learn more about which inquiries are fair or unfair.

Accommodating candidates with disabilities

Discover all the resources the university provides for interviewing applicants with various disabilities.

Candidates evaluation form tips and guidelines

Interviewers should complete a candidate evaluation form to assess and score the candidate’s overall qualifications for the position to which they have applied.

Checklist for interviewing/hiring committees

Use this checklist to ensure you are appropriately and routinely using your DEI lens in the hiring and interviewing process.

Tools for evaluating applicants

Ask candidates to provide diversity statements and use DEI-related questions in your interviewing.