Student Employment

Time off policies for ASEs

This page summarizes time off provisions for Academic Student Employees (ASEs) represented by United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 4121. For complete details, refer to the ASE contract.

Sick time off

Salaried ASEs

A salaried ASE whose appointment is 0.50 FTE for the academic year or longer receives 28 hours of paid sick time off per year (prorated per Article 17), awarded annually at the start of each annual appointment period on the effective date of the appointment. Sick time off may be used for the reasons described in Article 17 and is available for use immediately.

The use of sick time off during the academic quarter is included in the total workload hours per quarter. An unused sick time off balance:

  • Is not paid at separation;
  • Does not transfer once an ASE is no longer part of the bargaining unit;
  • Is not eligible for shared leave donation;
  • Does not roll over from one academic year to another; and,
  • Expires at the end of each annual appointment period.
Hourly ASEs

Hourly ASEs are eligible for paid sick time off per Article 17. Additional information is described on UWHR’s Sick time off for temporary and student hourly employees webpage.

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Paid holidays

ASEs are not required to work on holidays which occur during the term of their appointment except as provided in Article 10 – Section 4. Salaried ASEs record holiday taken time off in Workday for each holiday during their appointment. Refer to the Holiday Taken Time Off Quick Guide for more information.

Personal holiday

Salaried ASEs employed at 0.50 FTE for three or more quarters during the 12-month period starting September 16 are entitled to one personal holiday during that 12-month period. Salaried ASEs must request a personal holiday in advance and find an acceptable substitute for scheduled work activities. Refer to the Using Your Personal Holiday guide for more information on the Workday process.

Impact on workload expectation

Article 35 – Workload describes the impact of paid holidays and the personal holiday on a salaried ASE’s quarterly workload expectation.

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Requesting and approving time off

Requests to use sick time off and the personal holiday must be submitted according to department policy and recorded and tracked in Workday. For more information on how to record and track time off use in Workday, refer to the Enter Absence (Time Off) webpage as well as the ASE Time Off Tracking Guide (PDF) and Salaried ASE time off FAQs webpage.

Departments can find more information about tracking time off for salaried ASEs using the Salaried ASE Time Off Tracking Guide for Departments (PDF) and Salaried ASE appointment FAQs for departments webpage.

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