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Salaried ASE time off FAQs

Contract language regarding time off

What does the ASE contract say about a personal holiday, holiday credit, and sick time off?
During negotiations over the 2021-2024 contract, agreement was reached that salaried ASEs will request time off per departmental procedures and track time off in Workday effective September 16, 2022 (pay period ending September 30, 2022). Additionally, agreement was reached to clarify how awards are prorated and when they are awarded.

The ASE contract describes paid holiday, personal holiday, and sick time off eligibility, award amount, and award timing.

Why were these changes made?
The University has an interest in ensuring salaried ASEs are able to use awards of time off granted in their contract, including if an ASE chooses to use awarded time off as a supplemental benefit when taking leave under the Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) program, and that procedures for requesting, approving, and tracking time off are consistent and equitable across campus.

Is time off for ASEs different than time off for staff?
Time off for ASEs is determined by contract provisions which are negotiated between UW and UAW Local 4121 and differ from rules governing time off for other UW employees. For full details on time off eligibility, award amounts, and conditions of use for ASEs, ASEs should always refer to the ASE contract.

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Time off requests and approval

What does it mean to “request and track time off in Workday”?
Tracking time off means following department procedures regarding when and how to request approval to use time off and record the use in Workday, UW’s campus-wide system for human resources, payroll and benefits.

Visit New to Workday? for an introduction to Workday and to find additional Workday guidance.

For a summary of guidance for ASEs by time off type with links to Integrated Service Center (ISC) resources, view ASE Time Off Tracking Guide (PDF). This summary document does not describe all conditions covering time off including eligibility criteria. For complete information, refer to the ASE contract.

What are the basic steps to follow for requesting time off?
Planned or foreseeable absences should be requested in advance. Follow department procedures to request the time off, which may require manager approval by email before entering the time off request in Workday. Once the time off is entered into Workday, your time/absence approver receives a notification that their approval is required.

When an absence is unplanned, time off taken should be requested in Workday as soon as possible.

Does Workday allow for delegation with respect to who can enter time off?
If you are unable to enter the time off in Workday yourself, your unit’s “Time and Absence Initiate” can enter the time off for you.

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When to Track Time Off

What is a scheduled work activity?
A scheduled work activity is work for which a salaried ASE is responsible by virtue of their position. Examples are leading a TA session, attending class, working in a lab, or attending required meetings. Some work activities must take place at designated times and places. For other required work activities, such as grading papers, an ASE may choose the time and place of the work.

How does the use of time off affect the quarterly workload expectation described in Article 35 of the ASE contract?
If you use sick time off during a time when you had a scheduled work activity, the 220-hour quarterly workload expectation is reduced. The quarterly workload expectation is not reduced by the of use any other time off.

Do I need to request sick time off if I can shift my work activities to another time?
If work activities can be shifted, a request to use sick time off may not be needed. Because work is shifted, the quarterly workload expectation is not reduced.

For example, if you make a dentist appointment on a morning when you do not have a scheduled work activity (e.g., lead quiz section) but otherwise typically use the time to complete work activities (e.g., grade papers), you do not have to request sick time off if you plan to grade papers at a different time.

Do I need to track vacation time off?
Though agreement was reached that salaried ASEs would request time off for vacation and track time off in Workday, vacation time off tracking has not yet been implemented. Until vacation time off tracking is implemented, departments will maintain the status quo for this time off type. No action by ASEs or departments is required. If an ASE decides to use vacation time off as a supplemental benefit for PFML, it will continue to be available.

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