HR Operations

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA Overview

An overview of FMLA and eligibility.

Length of FMLA leave

An explanation of the amount of leave time allowed under FMLA and how it is calculated

FMLA-covered situations

An explanation of the types of personal situations covered under FMLA

Pay during FMLA leave

How to continue your pay while on FMLA leave

Benefits during FMLA leave

How to continue your benefits coverage while on FMLA leave

Requesting FMLA leave

How and when to request FMLA leave.

Returning to work after FMLA

Information on FMLA's employment guarantee when returning to work from a FMLA-covered leave

Laws and UW policies related to FMLA

A list of federal and state laws and UW policies related to family and medical leave

Employee FMLA checklist

A helpful checklist to remind you of your responsibilities when it comes to FMLA leave

Supervisor FMLA responsibilities

An explanation of a supervisor's FMLA responsibilities