Student Employment

ASE appointment FAQs for departments

When do I have to enter the new ASE appointment in Workday?
Appointments starting Fall Quarter—even appointments starting 10/1—should be entered by the campus approval deadline for the 9/1 – 9/15 pay period. If that is not possible, the appointment must be entered by the campus approval deadline for the 9/15 – 9/30 pay period. Entering appointments by the campus approval deadline for the 9/16 – 9/30 pay period will ensure that the position is eligible for GAIP and that the ASE will be awarded their time offs in Workday in compliance with contract requirements.

For appointments starting other quarters, please see GAIP: Information for departments and enter by the cut-off dates so that positions are eligible for GAIP.

Why does the duration of the new ASE appointment have to be nine months?
Typically, nine months is the duration stated in appointment letters.

Because Workday will award time off per appointment year annually on the effective date of the appointment, if new appointments are created for each quarter an ASE is employed, balances in Workday will be incorrect and will need to be manually corrected. If you need help creating a plan to meet these job management deadlines, your Named Support Contact can provide assistance.

What are the exceptions to the nine-month duration of new ASE appointments?
Though it is rare, some departments do not have nine months of funding for ASEs. In these cases, the appointment should be entered for the number of quarters funded.

What if the department isn’t sure how the position will change during the nine months?
The appointment should still be entered for nine months, as this ensures time offs are awarded correctly. When the position changes—for instance, if an ASE is employed as a TA one quarter and as an RA the next—a Change Job process must be completed in Workday.
If the department determines the ASE appointment cannot be sustained, the ASE appointment can be terminated.

How does a Change Job process work?
Refer to the ISC user guide Job Change – Student for more information about Change Job processes for ASEs. This ISC user guide includes some considerations for determining whether a different business process should be used. Add Additional Job and Termination – Voluntary are not business processes that should be used for TAs moving to RA positions.

What is the relationship between management of appointments and time off awards?
Workday is programmed to award time offs based on the effective date of the appointment. If the initial appointment is not entered by the campus approval deadline, for example, the personal holiday will not be awarded to the salaried ASE who is eligible for it. If a termination/rehire is processed within an academic year and eligible ASE would incorrectly receive an additional award of 28 hours of sick time off. If the time off award is not correct in Workday, the hiring department should submit an ISC help ticket by emailing