Student Employment

Non-UW student employees

Departments may hire students from other institutions of higher education into non-UW student job profiles:

Job code Job profile Overtime eligible Min ($/hr) Max ($/hr) Usage
11836 Assistant – Non-UW Student Work Study (NE H Temp) Yes $17.27 $50.00 For those who are work study eligible
11835 Nursing Technician – Non-UW Student (NE H Temp) Yes $17.50 $30.00 For currently enrolled RN program students
21877 Respiratory Care Intern – Non-UW Student (NE H Temp) Yes $17.27 $30.00 Only available to employ students currently enrolled in an accredited Respiratory Care Program in the State of Washington and perform respiratory care duties under supervision

While considered temporary hourly staff, non-UW student employees employed in these job profiles are not subject to the hours limit on temporary hourly employment under WAC 357-04-045 nor the 19.5-hour limit on student hourly employment and may be eligible to participate in the PERS 2 or PERS 3 retirement plans. Non-UW student employees are considered civil service exempt under the definitions of WAC 357-04-040.

Other non-UW students who are not work study eligible, nursing students, or respiratory care interns may be employed as a temporary hourly employee using the classified job profile that most closely matches the work to be performed.