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Professional leave

Professional Leave With Pay

The purpose of professional leave with pay is to allow an employee to work on a project or acquire knowledge and/or experience that will enhance the individual’s future contributions to the University (e.g., gaining new technical expertise, conducting research, or reporting on an issue of significance to the employing organization or the University).


A professional staff employee is eligible to apply for a professional leave not earlier than their seventh year of service in the UW professional staff program, or not earlier than in the seventh year after return from a previous UW professional leave with pay.

Request Process

Complete the Professional Leave with Pay Application at least six months before the date the requested leave is to begin.  The request must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, the employing unit’s dean or vice president, and by the HR Operations Office that serves the unit.

After approval, employees whose leave is managed in Workday will request a LOA Professional Leave in Workday. For medical center employees, contact your leave specialist.

The UW Professional Staff Program contains additional details about compensation during professional leave with pay, duration of leave, and other requirements.

Additional resources

RCW 28B.10.650