HR Operations

Voluntary Termination

The checklists below list the responsibilities of the departing employee and of the employee’s supervisor (or department), when an employee resigns.

Select and complete the appropriate checklist to ensure that all required end of employment actions are completed:

Retention Counter Offer

If a professional staff employee has received a competitive job offer from outside UW and you would like to make a counter offer, your HR consultant can help you work with the Compensation office to respond with a retention strategy. Review the Position and Salary Review page under the In-Grade section for additional information on the process.

Giving an employment reference

Review information about providing employment references for a current or former employee.

Requests to rescind a resignation

Occasionally an employee will request to rescind a resignation. Some labor contracts provide for a period during which an employee who has resigned may rescind the resignation. A professional staff employee rescinding a resignation requires approval of the employing official.