HR Operations

Leave of absence without pay

“Leave of absence without pay” describes an unpaid leave of absence that may be approved for the following reasons:

  • Educational leave
  • Leave for government service in public interest
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Union project activities in accordance with a collective bargaining agreement
  • Other personal, non-medical reasons that may be approved at your department’s discretion

While this webpage covers personal, non-medical leaves of absence, information on other leaves of absence may be found:

Requesting leave of absence without pay

To request an educational, government service or personal leave of absence without pay, submit a written request to your supervisor. Your request must identify the reason and duration of the requested leave.

Requests for these leaves of absence without pay also require approval by the appropriate associate administrator, vice president, or dean and will only be approved if your supervisor is reasonably certain that your position will still be available when you return from leave. Approval/disapproval determinations will be made based on coverage considerations, which may include, but are not limited to, anticipated FTE needs, use of contract labor, staff already out on leave, departmental use of overtime, and whether the employee is in good standing.

After you have received leadership approval, employees whose leave is managed in Workday will request the appropriate type of unpaid leave of absence (LOA) in Workday. For medical center employees, contact your leave specialist.

Accounting for your absence with time off

You must deplete your accrued time off before taking unpaid time off during a leave of absence without pay. However, the specific terms and conditions under which you may take unpaid time off versus paid time off are defined your employment program or collective bargaining agreement.